Webinar | 45mins

Solar Project Collaboration Made Easy: No More Hot Potato Handoff

Tired of playing hot potato with your solar development team? 

In the wild world of solar development, coordinating with various teams, chatting with landowners, and the occasional site visits can be a chaotic hot potato game. With invisible workflows, tasks get dropped, duplication happens, and project goals and details become elusive.

Join us and our panel of industry experts for this webinar where we'll unveil the secrets to making your solar greenfield project collaboration smooth, efficient, and fun.

🔆 What will you get:

  • Discover how to easily spot all the project information in one place 🕵️‍♂️
  • Keep tabs on the project development stages, who created them, and who has been assigned the task  📈
  • Supercharge your project management skills 🚀
  • A live Q and A session
Secure your spot now and let's put an end to the hot potato handoff game! 🥔🌞



Falko Krause

Chief Technology Officer, GME clean power AG


Lena Karlsen

VP of Customer Success, Glint Solar

Unlock your solar success with Glint Solar

Experience 10x faster layouts—transforming hours into minutes without tech skills. Triple your project pipeline, grow exponentially, and control costs. Glint Solar minimizes risks and maximizes profits, ensuring seamless transitions from start to finish. It's more than just identifying sites or collaborating—it's rewriting your success story. 

Don't take our word for it

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“The ability to have GIS data and preliminary design in the same software has been a game changer for us. It allows us to build our pipeline quickly by having the necessary insights right from the start.”

Head of Solar Germany, ILOS Projects GmbH.

David Rodriguez

“If we continue to prospect at this rate, the number of potential projects would be unmanageable!”

David Rodriguez, 
Investment Analyst, Quintas Cleantech

Robin Lehmberg_GF MMR Projekt (1)

“Glint Solar isn’t just a tool, it’s a game changer. Using Glint Solar is like having an extra two to three colleagues on our team. It’s replaced several other software systems, making our team more effective.” 

Robin Lehmberg,
MMR Solar

Ready to experience the streamlined efficiency and collaborative power of Glint Solar?