About Glint Solar


This is our chance to make a positive contribution

The climate crisis is a behemoth of a challenge and the outlook often seems bleak. However, we believe there are many reasons to be hopeful as we think technology can play an integral role.

Glint Solar was founded in 2020 with the mission of accelerating the adoption of solar energy across the globe. While several great solar software companies already existed, we saw an urgent need to speed up site origination and ensure better insight from a project’s inception.

Fast forward to today and we are working with both large global and small local solar developers, enabling them to quickly build their greenfield project pipelines through seamless collaboration. Through effective use of technology and research collaboration, we can deliver high-precision insight into user-friendly software for the development team.

We’re proud to every day empower the companies that are building solar PV in record speed to mitigate climate change.

Why Glint Solar

In the dynamic solar industry, success hinges on rapid decisions. With 74% of development hours often wasted on stalled projects, Glint Solar redefines initial project stages to ensure your triumph with swift, reliable outcomes. Choose Glint Solar to:

Triple your project pipeline
Unlock 10x faster layouts
Boost your conversion rates
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A dire need for more renewable energy

To mitigate climate change, the world needs to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.
The UN IPCC report states that 70-85% of the world’s electricity must come from renewable sources by 2050 to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

At Glint Solar we believe that advanced data science is one of the keys to reach this target.

Our core values

Working at Glint Solar comes with several perks and benefits

We care for each other

Our people are our most valuable assets and we help each other to shine.

Meaningful work with a smile

We create an environment where we have fun and together make an impact.

Customers first

Understanding the customers’ needs is paramount to our existence.

Best idea wins

The idea matters, not who had it.

No risk, no glory

We encourage trying new things, even if it fails.

Our time is valuable

We are not at work to be busy, we are here to get things done.

Straightforward and open

Simple, honest, and open communication between all.

Disagree and commit

We can disagree fiercely, but when the decision is made, commit and execute.

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