Your Expressway to Prime Solar Opportunities

Say yes to effortless solar site discovery. Seamlessly filter, evaluate, and personalize solar prospects to uncover the best opportunities while detecting project risks in the early stages, swiftly and efficiently.


Benefits your team will surely love


No more waiting or spending hours gathering data. Easily add data from our layers library or upload your own for a better site evaluation. Say yes to control and accessibility. 


Don't let solar projects stall while waiting for GIS evaluations. Experience an easy-to-use tool to access parcel data,  visualize solar parks in 3D, and select sites on your own. 


In a competitive market, speed is key. Utilize Glint Solar's user-friendly interface and data access to quickly generate and evaluate leads and start projects faster, all while ensuring you discard the bad projects quickly to focus on high-potential sites right from the start.

Simplify Site Evaluation: From Hours to Minutes

Sign land quicker

Experience a new level of site evaluations with 3D visualization. Step away from conventional methods and add depth and realism to your assessment process. Shorten negotiation times with landowners and municipalities.

Bring all your data layers together

Maximize efficiency by centralizing your data layers with Glint Solar; an intuitive platform built to work with GIS tools. Access all your project data instantly without sifting through datasets or waiting on others. Increase control and reduce errors. Enjoy pre-loaded multi-country data curated specifically for solar development.

Beat the competition

Win the race to find the best solar sites. Easily identify prime locations without the hassle of juggling multiple complex tools and numerous geo-portals. Simply filter your criteria—such as areas within 5km of a substation, with low terrain slopes, no protected areas, and parcels over 50 hectares. Easy, right?

Don't take our word for it

“My team used this tool to increase our greenfield pipeline by almost 80 MW in one month.”

Eric, Solar Site Developer, Alight

“If we continue to prospect at this rate, the number of potential projects would be unmanageable!”

David Rodriguez, Investment Analyst, Quintas Cleantech

“The ability to have GIS data and preliminary design in the same software has been a game changer for us. It allows us to build our pipeline quickly by having the necessary insights right from the start.”

Michael Stochniol, Head of Solar, ILOS Germany

Ready to transform your approach to solar site prospecting and evaluation