Your solar project collaboration powerhouse

Accelerate your solar project workflow, promote unparalleled team collaboration and project hand-over. Seamlessly organize projects, empower your team, and elevate your solar site management to new heights.



Benefits your team will surely love

Data and control

No more scattered or missing project data. Steer clear of expensive data loss during handovers. A single hub to keep your layouts, analyses, site photos, contracts, and crucial documentation centralized in one easily accessible space. 

Efficiency and transparency

Give your team a single source of truth to enhance efficiency. See who is working on which projects. Organize your pipeline by project stages. Do this across solar markets. 

Faster and better decision making

Seize every opportunity by eliminating delays and inefficiencies. Experience a streamlined decision-making process with lightning-fast access to critical data. With informed choices made in record time, you can unlock tangible economic benefits for your projects.

Superior collaboration for superior solar projects

Project organization customized for solar developers

Move away from scattered project overviews. Experience Glint Solar's transparent listings that enable clear visibility into project ownership and progress. Streamline operations and bolster efficiency with a unified and organized project repository.

Filter projects for enhanced efficiency and clarity

Easily navigate through a burgeoning project list. Pinpoint the exact projects necessitating attention without the tedious scroll.

Quickly migrate project layouts from existing workflows

Migrate backlog layouts from various tools into Glint Solar. Say goodbye to redrawing projects with Glint Solar’s project upload functionality. Save valuable time and resources by simply uploading your existing project files.

Don't take our word for it

“My team used this tool to increase our greenfield pipeline by almost 80 MW in one month.”

Eric, Solar Site Developer, Alight

“If we continue to prospect at this rate, the number of potential projects would be unmanageable!”

David Rodriguez, Investment Analyst, Quintas Cleantech

“The ability to have GIS data and preliminary design in the same software has been a game changer for us. It allows us to build our pipeline quickly by having the necessary insights right from the start.”

Michael Stochniol, Head of Solar, ILOS Germany

Ready to experience the streamlined efficiency and collaborative power of Glint Solar?