How to Design a Solar Site Like a PV Engineer Series

Mastering Irradiation, Layers, and Slope Analysis

Are you a utility-scale solar PV developer tired of waiting on PV engineers for project analysis and calculations? Join our exclusive webinar to streamline your solar project analysis and calculations, assess buildable areas with precision, and accelerate project timelines.

🔆 What you'll learn: 

  • Key utility-scale solar site analysis components like slope, yield, irradiation data, and constraints

  • Everything you need to know about irradiation data sources. TMY versus historical data, the different irradiation data providers, and different strategies when choosing the irradiation data sources

  • How to save time by effectively prospecting potential solar sites with data layers, and filtering away the low-quality sites

  • Insights into analyzing slope for different mounting systems (fixed or tracker) and its impact on solar site design

  • Live demo of Glint Solar: See how Glint Solar can assist and complement your site analysis process, from accessing irradiation data to visualizing different data layers and performing slope analysis 

Q&A Session: The last 10 minutes will be dedicated to addressing your questions and concerns. Get expert advice and guidance to overcome challenges in solar site analysis.

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Arnau (1)

Arnau Margarit

PV Solar Energy Engineer and Consultant at Glint Solar
Fredrik Portrait (1)

Fredrik Blom

Software Engineer at Glint Solar

About Glint Solar

Glint Solar is a powerful software solution designed to empower utility-scale solar developers with advanced tools for site analysis, design, and project management. With Glint Solar, you can streamline your workflow, reduce project timelines, and minimize errors in initial project stages. Experience the difference with Glint Solar today!

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