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Unveiling Accuracy: Glint Solar and PVsyst Comparison Report

Published: 11. Mar. 2024
Unveiling Accuracy: Glint Solar and PVsyst Comparison Report

Are you a solar developer striving for precision and efficiency from the beginning of your development process? Look no further than Glint Solar—a powerful tool used by teams that want the best possible starting point for their projects, minimizing risks early and optimizing for accurate permit-approved projects.

But why stop there? With the latest comparison report between Glint Solar and PVsyst, you can trust us even more as we bridge the gap between project initiation and completion.

The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), a frontrunner in international energy research, has conducted a comprehensive comparison between the Glint Solar PV model and PVsyst. And the results speak for themselves!

Why dive into this report?

Discover the analysis of annual energy yield modeling for four distinct system configurations: monofacial and bifacial fixed tilt, as well as monofacial and bifacial tracking.

In addition to the four unique system configurations, this study analyzes results across ten varied locations throughout Europe and the UK.

Delve into the methodology section to uncover the meticulous approach behind this comparison. From identical system configurations to varied tilt adjustments based on location, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure accurate assessments.

Plus, learn about the modeled losses included in the comparison and how they impact your bottom line.

What sets Glint Solar apart?

Glint Solar is specifically designed for the Business Development teams to optimize the project pipeline by providing accurate buildable area and engineer-approved yield estimates from the beginning.

Discover the remarkable performance of Glint Solar, offering energy yield improvements comparable to PVsyst.

Glint Solar's algorithms ensure consistent results regardless of geographical location, empowering you to make informed decisions from the start.

By establishing credibility through comparison with PVsyst, this report emphasizes the value of using the user-friendly Glint Solar for the preliminary stages and transitioning to PVsyst for the final energy yield analysis.

Here's a sneak peek into the findings: 

  • Energy yield improvements: Experience energy yield improvements ranging from 0% to -2.2% with an average deviation between 0.02% and -1.23% across all modeled power plants compared to PVsyst.

  • Robustness across locations: Regardless of geographical location, Glint Solar's algorithms ensure consistent and reliable results, empowering you to confidently make informed decisions.

  • Detailed algorithm review: Dive deep into the inner workings of Glint Solar's algorithms with our detailed review. Understand the intricacies that drive our unparalleled performance and optimize your solar projects for maximum efficiency.

Download the full report now and unlock the power of Glint Solar's advanced algorithms. Discover why leading solar developers trust Glint Solar for superior performance and unmatched reliability.


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