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Interview: From Spacemaker AI to Glint Solar - Meet Frithjof, Our Newest Software Engineer

Published: 18. Mar. 2024
Interview: From Spacemaker AI to Glint Solar - Meet Frithjof, Our Newest Software Engineer

Frithjof discusses why he joined the Glint team and shares his experience as a software engineer working in the renewable energy sector.

What was your first impression of Glint Solar and what drew you to join the team?

I was initially intrigued by the possibility of working in the renewable energy sector, as climate change is one of the most important problems we are facing. After the initial meeting with Even, one of Glint Solar’s co-founders, I was very impressed by the progress they had made in less than a year and the list of world-known customers paying for their services. And after each subsequent meeting with him and the rest of the founders, I became increasingly certain that this was a good fit. It’s really a great team and we have very similar values and views on how to build a great company. It was just an opportunity I could not let pass by.

How would you describe Glint Solar’s company culture?

I think we have a very inclusive culture and respect for one another. From the very first day, I was included in discussions around company strategy and funding even though this is not my area of expertise and I really feel my input and opinions have been taken seriously. The distance from top to bottom is virtually non-existent.

I think people and culture are some of the most overlooked and important aspects of creating a successful company, and this is certainly something that sets Glint Solar apart from a lot of other startups.

You came to Glint Solar with previous experience as a software engineer from Spacemaker AI. What were you hoping to learn or what skills did you wish to gain by joining the team?

As a software engineer, I face a lot of difficult and exciting problems at Glint Solar. We use large amounts of data from satellites and other sources to analyze the entire world. Since I’ve been in the workforce for more than 8 years, none of this is completely new to me, but I have never worked on something of this scale before.

As I mentioned, I have been included in a lot of strategic discussions and I hope I can contribute to the development of the company as a whole and not just the technology. In short, I learn new things every day and this is exactly why I joined!

Any highlights from your time at Glint Solar so far?

Every time we get a new customer it's a highlight. It is a testament that they love what we do and think we can help them tackle the challenges of tomorrow. It gives a huge energy boost that stays with me for a long time and motivates me to build even better products and features.

What are you most excited about in regards to Glint Solar’s future?

I’m very excited about floating solar in general. It’s a relatively new energy source that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and I’m convinced this growth will just continue to accelerate in the coming years. I believe that Glint Solar will make it easier to build floating solar around the world with the adoption of our software and help all countries reach their ambitious goals of reducing carbon emissions. Just in the relatively short time I’ve been here, we have made great progress on the product and gotten a lot of new and exciting customers. We are also attracting some very strong talent which will be key for future growth - and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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